When my phone rang and I picked it up, it was a dear father on the other end of the line. He just finished speaking in a church in Lagos.

While discussing with his host, the host mentioned that their youth convention was on the way and he was still thinking of who to invite.

This amazing father did not waste time to say to him, “I know just the right person”. Right there, he called my phone and it was all done.

Fathers are midwives. They see your potentials, know your capacity and are willing to take your delivery.

Fathers are guarantors. They stand for you and believe in you. They are ready to take a ‘gamble’ with you even though their name is on the line.

Asides fathers, there must be men like Barnabas in your life who get to Antioch and will notice that it is an assignment that you are called to do.

A Barnabas will come all the way to Tarsus (your place of hiding) to look for you and bring you back to Antioch (your place of assignment). They know there is something about Antioch, your assignment and your destiny.

Do you have friends who know what you are called to do? Have you been trained to recognise opportunities? Can a father spot an opportunity with your name on it and send for you?

There is an Antioch waiting for you. At Antioch, relationship blossoms. At Antioch, potentials are groomed. At Antioch, there are Prophetic releases for divine calling. At Antioch, there are launch pads for God’s call.

May your Antioch moment not pass you by. May the Lord bless you with men like Barnabas who sees opportunities with your name on it.

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