CALLED BUT STRANDED 6 (A Series on the Calling)

CALLED BUT STRANDED 6 (A Series on the Calling)

We were attending a Pastors Conference on Ministry Finance in 2018 and this statement has not failed to leave me- “We get into debt in ministry when we are not patient enough for what the Lord is bringing our way”.

Dear called one, you are in process. Do not allow what you do not see yet lead you into things that will cause you sleepless nights.

God will bring what you need out of who you are and what you have if you quit looking around expecting a miracle from places that God has not pointed to.

Don’t be worried when what you need has not shown up. Don’t go into debt. There is always something you can do with the resources that you have.

We started live streaming on our mobile phones. Gradually, we are getting devices we need to reinforce our media outreach.

Often times we run into debt because we run out of patience. If it is causing you sleepless night, you may need to find where God wants you to lie in His Word and take an assured rest in God.

God needs to bring it out of you before bringing it to you. Bringing it out of you needs your cooperation to be at rest and trust His process. He will cut you better than a surgeon and never as a butcher.

There will be circumcision before Isaac. Circumcision will keep you indoors. Your strength will be only in God. You cannot boast in your might at all.

A lot of times, pressure makes us to desire what we have not developed the capacity for. Whatever you have not conceived you cannot receive.

What is the point? The growth of the calling is locked up in you. The impact of nations is in you. The buildings and media outreach are in you. Impatience will give you Ishmael. Contentment and waiting on God will bring you Isaac.

Make your choice!

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