I still remember where I was standing when my phone rang years ago. I was shocked at first when he said, “I have disappointed everyone. I got a girl pregnant”. I allowed the information to sink and then I said to him, ” It could have been me. I do not condemn you”. Today, he is standing strong on his feet.

But it is not always the same story: At another time, a beautiful young teenager said to me, “I have not been back to the church because I am scared of stigmatization”. I do not want to be an example of sermons and the major point in post-service counselling. I had to leave. I encouraged her to come to church.

When the travelling man fell into the hands of robbers, the Priest and the Levites passed by him. The Samaritan came to clean him up, bind his wound, and took him to a place where he can be well treated. That’s exactly what our role is when we have a case of a fallen sister or brother.

You do not throw stones. You love first. You get them back on their feet first. It does not matter whether Lot chose Sodom by himself and went away because of his tendency for strife. What matters is that Lot has been carried away in battle and you have the grace and resources to get Lot back home. You must not hesitate. You must not delay. The longer it takes, the harder it becomes.

Do not call a discussion about what has happened to Lot. No! Do not use Lot as a case study of what happens to disobedient sons. No! Simply go and rescue Lot.

I stumbled on something a while back while reading. It said that a large percentage of those who leave churches would have gladly returned if someone followed them up and asked them questions while encouraging them. Do not let us take on the role of the judge when we are meant to be a brother.

There are many Lots out there. Let’s mobilize to bring back out Lots. You have a friend who has dropped out of fellowship with God. You have a brother who has fallen into sin and feels coming back to God is not worth it. There is a colleague who is angry and hurt because of how the church treated him. You can be the bridge of restoration. You can be the one who will not let them get lost forever.

We must also not become the elder brother of the lost son. He was also lost in the house to jealousy and envy. We must be glad when our brothers come back home.

Who are you going after from today?

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

There is love in sharing