I called Irewamiri from work and requested that she picked me up that evening but I also had a plan- we had been having slight misunderstanding over issues that were not meant to be issues.

I got some suya (specially prepared peppered meat) and she brought the drink. We took out just about thirty minutes. We ate together. We spoke at length. We simply had each other’s attention.

Right after then, arguments and misunderstanding flew out of the windows for us.

Men who are really in fellowship with God do not have doubts and arguments about the instructions of God. When fellowship wanes, arguments rise.

In Acts 6, when conflicts and murmurings arose about the distribution of food and discrimination in the early church,the Apostles did not focus more on the food. They did a quick check on their priorities- they realised that they had misplaced priorities. They rearranged it quickly. They focused on fellowship and intimacy.

You can work together and not fellowship together but there is no way you will be in fellowship and not work together.

Abraham’s argument with God dropped drastically when intimacy was developed. Abraham circumcised himself the very next that the Lord instructed him. He did same for all the men of his house.

When God told him to send away Ishmeal and Hagar, he complied very early the next morning. When God asked that Isaac be offered as a sacrifice, Abraham got to action the very next morning.

Wherever you have issues with prompt obedience reveals the margin of deficit in intimacy. Fellowship helps build intimacy. Intimacy reduces doubts and increases trust. When there is trust, there is no delay in obedience.

When a man or woman you trust asks you to jump, you simply ask “How high?” You don’t begin to second guess whether they are thinking of giving a slide tackle.

Lord, I want to walk with you without doubts or complaints.

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