I remember my folly when I boasted as a university student that, “If I ever get to pastor, in few months, I will build a mighty congregation even in a place like Eruwa”. I came into ministry with that mindset thinking it is the gift that will do the work. It did not take me long to realise something powerful- the gifted needs training.

One of the pressures that lead to frustration for the gifted person is this- “If I am this gifted, why am I not producing outstanding results? Some people who are not as gifted as I am are even doing better”. It becomes a concern.

Take a cue from the book of Esther: After Vashti was dethroned, the king sent out agents to seek beautiful virgins who were befitting to become the queen. The agents brought in several virgins who were beautiful.

They came in beautiful but the beauty of the street is not the same as the beauty desired in the palace. Upon arrival in the palace, they were sent to Hegai so they can be given beauty treatment.

What if Esther had said, “Those who brought me here know how beautiful I am already, I don’t need any treatment”, would she have ever become queen?

One major thing that you must be willing to do is to get trained so that your gift that become potent and the impact becomes greater.

Gifted people don’t like training. If you rely on your gift alone, you will make it to the list of candidates but you cannot make it to the coronation of the exceptional.

For instance, because you are gifted, you have changed jobs eight times in five years. As much as there is no challenge with changing jobs, your motive is the challenge- it reveals pride.

You resign and find a new job everytime you feel they promoted someone who does not in your opinion deserve the promotion. You cannot imagine yourself reporting to the person.

Why don’t you sit down and ask yourself, “What did he do right that I am getting wrong?” If only you can add training to the gift you carry, you will become a gem but pride makes you look at your Hegai with disdain.

Seek to educate your gift. I know you can prophecy but subject the gift to training. Training sharpens you. Training opens the door to your next opportunity.

You can be gifted and hungry. A gift is a raw material. Training is the refinery. Raw gifts sell cheaper than refined gifts. Seek to be trained.

Whatever has kept you in a cycle of frustration is broken today. You enter into a new season. Be humble. Get trained. Who is your trainer?

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