We were served breakfast in the hotel. I told the attendant that there was no chocolate there. She asked, “Did they put any Lipton (Tea)?” I answered in the negative. She went to get the chocolate.

The moment I wanted to prepare the beverage, I lifted the mug and saw that there was Lipton right underneath. I simply went on without giving attention to it.

Then the Holy Spirit stepped in and said, “Call them up and tell them you made a mistake”. I felt it was too minute an issue but the Spirit of God would have none of that. I called them and informed them that I made a mistake. I requested they come to pick up the Lipton.

Friends, the Holy Spirit will use simple daily choices to train us for bigger kingdom choices. It is never about the small things, it is a training in character.

Jesus told us that we have to learn to be faithful with little things if we want to see big things committed into our hands.

“The one who manages the little he has been given with faithfulness and integrity will be promoted and trusted with greater responsibilities. But those who cheat with the little they have been given will not be considered trustworthy to receive more” Luke 16:10 TPT

Do you see that even to consider a man worthy of church leadership, he must have been seen to be faithful with leading his family? Why? The way people treat small issues is a reflection of how they will handle bigger matters also.

What are the simple things that the Holy Spirit is using to train you? Where are you failing? Your daily decisions are audition for greater roles in destiny and God’s kingdom agenda. Handle them well.

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