He said, “Pastor, I had concluded I was leaving Eruwa that week but I came in for a meeting and you began to teach on how to make critical life decisions and that was how I knew what to do”.

The first thing to consider when making a critical life decision like “Where should I settle?”, “Who should I marry?” “What job should I go for?” amongst others is your spiritual health.

You must ask questions like, “Would this job make me stronger spiritually? Would it kill my devotion? Would I be able to sustain a vibrant fellowship with God?” A dear one resigned from her job after they promoted her because she was already getting choked spiritually.

For instance, if you get a job with higher pay but you know you will lose the spiritual grounds you have gained, be quick to say “No” unapologetically. A promotion that leads to spiritual demotion exposes your defence.

A child of God does not make a decision based on goodness alone. You must train yourself to see the “God-ness” of it also. It can be good and not God.

Is God opposed to great jobs and massive wealth? God forbid. He gives us the power to make wealth. However, the wealth that becomes a competition to God is mammon that must be sacrificed- let it go!

Abraham knew this secret quite well. He would never settle for anything that makes him lose the grounds he had gained spiritually.

He made the mistake of running to Egypt in famine. He came out of Egypt with wealth but had to “go from place to place” without direction until he returned to the place he had built his first altar.

Afterwards, he made all decisions by first considering the spiritual grounds he had gained. He passed it on to Isaac as the secret of making a great marital choice. He told Eleazar to ensure he does not bring in a woman that will make his son return to where they had left (lose grounds they have gained in obedience to God).

How do you make critical decisions? Do you just jump at the financial benefit? Do you ask whether it will help your spiritual growth and improve your intimacy with God? May your defences not be broken!

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