While I sat on the barber’s chair for a hair cut, I knew deep within me that I was to share the gospel with that young man. But I was afraid. I wanted to just stick to professional conduct.

When he was done, I gave him the money for his service and then like a big boy told him to keep the change. I walked away. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “Will your money pull him out from the path to destruction? Can your money replace the Good News?”

Friends, I know we have said that you can give to the gospel or go for the gospel or groan in the prayer for the gospel but I say to you that you must do the three. You cannot be praying for souls and not speak to souls.

Money can never replace the gospel. We have an assignment to open our mouth and declare the good news of Christ. The gospel not preached is not good news. Can you have the cure to cancer and keep quiet as a friend dies of same?

Honestly, it was out of the guilt that I did not preach the good news that made me give the money. Many are like that also- you want to hide behind the curtain of your cheque book and mission offerings! Jesus tore that curtain friend- now you have to proclaim his glory.

Talk to your cab driver. Ask him if he knows where you are going. Then ask him if he knows where he is going. Tell him there is a Jesus Map that leads us to eternity with God. You cannot miss your way when you take that map.

Let passion arise. Let flames be stirred. We must not be comfortable talking about sports without asking about the crown of life. We must not be comfortable talking about real estate and not about the treasures of the kingdom hidden in a field.

You cannot talk about fashion alone and not mention the man who went to the king’s banquet without the right clothing. How dare we talk about politics and not mention the soon coming king.

Burn for the gospel while we are here friends so that souls will not burn in hell where its flames are never quenched. How is it that someone relates with you for a month and never heard you talk about Jesus?

Can you hear the voice of the Rich man in hell screaming, “Send Lazarus”? Can you be that Lazarus of the Gospel to someone? Would you not rather continue your talk at the same address in eternity full of light and joy than hearing the sounds of regrets and pain?

Truth is we do not have all the time in the world. We must not be in a hurry to spread gossips while we shy away from spreading the gospel. Which is rewarding?

Share the good news today! Do not hide behind what you give. Thanks but we need you to talk that colleague also. Be productive and excellence oriented at work but we still need you to talk to your boss too. Scared of losing your job right? How about him or her losing her life in eternity? Be a Christian aflame.

There is love in sharing

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