They are both amazing children of God. I asked them a simple question: “Seeing that the two of you would be getting married soon, I want to ask, “How did you manage sexual pressure or it did not happen to you at all”.

My friend looked at me and said “My brother, that thing does not respect missionaries” (He is a missionary). And the wife-to-be added, “Thank God for Pastors _ (their trainers). They helped a big deal”

Then they both said, “Every time we are pressured, we simply say to ourselves that a date is already fixed when you can practise without guilt”. That helped them stay sane.

A child of God must not stay in denial of the reality of sexual pressure and at the same time we must not be naive. The pressure is real and it does not respect missionaries like my friend said.

So what helps?

First, do not assume that you are a superman or super woman. It is better not to put yourself in questionable situation that opens you up to temptation so you would not be caught in the trap of explanations that you would have spared yourself.

Second, deny yourself the luxury of privacy until you are married and except you are with your spouse. Let there be at least one person that can hold you accountable for your words, conversation and actions. Why password your phone when you cannot password your soul?

Third, have a Pastor or Teachers who you can run to when you sense that it is becoming more than you handle by yourself. They can talk some sense into your fleshly tendencies and also hold you in love and prayers when you misstep. However, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.

When the devil wants to wreck a man, he whispers into his ears “You can handle this”

In the name of Jesus, your destiny is preserved from the assault of sexual sins. What limited others will not place a limitation on you. You will not rationalize and underrate the venom of the devil.

May the Lord bless you with friends who would not stay quiet while you burn with ungodly passions.

There is love in sharing

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