For almost two years, I had what I would call a wilderness experience in ministry. I was far from my Spiritual Father and my Teachers. One day in devotion, the spirit of the Lord rebuked me.

It was hard but I picked up my phone and reached out to my Spiritual Father. I apologized for my distance and mentioned that I would be willing to reconnect. That changed a whole lot significantly.

When the devil wants to hijack the journey of a man, he separates him from the significant voices in his life.

Such a man would have thoughts cross his mind on the need to reconnect but before the seeds of the thought find root, the devil and his demons will use the birds of excuses to pick it up.

Do you think when the thought of returning home struck the lost son in the pig’s sty, do you think the devil did not plant alternative thoughts like, “Can you imagine you returning now? You will just be a slave”

The secret is in decision making- He arose! Thinking about it is never enough. Arise and reconnect to those God has used to groom you. Look at you- Such spiritual wealth locked up in a soul hungry in a pig’s sty!

If the seed succeeds in finding root despite the excuses, the devil will use the thorns of activities to choke it. Sometimes, it is the hard grounds of pride that ensure the root dries up.

The focus of the devil primarily is to ensure that you are far from relationships that will benefit you.

Have you not realised that as a student it was so easy to trek to school but always tough to make the same sacrifice for church. The devil knows that intellectual prowess does not stop him. We must be intellectuals but we must also become deeply spiritual.

Do you realise that Lot never reconnected with Abraham yet Abraham never ceased to intercede for Lot. Do you know how many chances the Lord gave Lot to swallow his pride and reconnect?

When he was carried away in battle, Abraham stepped in. Lot did not return. When Sodom was destroyed, Abraham stepped in but Lot chose a small town with his daughters. It is that mindset of ‘I will rather be my boss over the small than serve in a big vision’. Beware!

Beloved, where have you disconnected? Make that call now. Send that text. Reach out today.

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