As I drove into the school compound, a young boy was hawking fufu (a meal made from cassava). We do not eat it on a normal day but my heart leaped to it.

I drove into school thinking and smiling at the thought of buying fufu. I discarded the idea. I picked up my family and drove home.

Just as we arrived home, my wife goes like, “I want to eat Fufu”. The alarm went off. I was annoyed with myself.

That was why my heart went towards the young boy selling fufu. I could not believe it. Well! I learnt my lessons.

What is the point?

God sees a need before it arises. He is God. He is your Father. He knows what or who you will need in the next 5 years. He brings such people or opportunities your way.

But how many times have we missed out on God moves because they do not fix into our little box of realities? It does not fit in so we discard it.

We can lose out on an entire move simply because we were not in the mood.

God ensures you have an Hagar moment. He opens your eyes to see a well.

Just like when my mind connected with the Fufu. I discarded it. Your provision is in His instruction. He catered for it already. Be open to His leading.

Peter “Arise, Kill and Eat” can be the next move of the Spirit but “I do not eat what is unclean” can sign you out of that heavenly portal.

What is the pull on your heart right now? What is the nudging you sense?

God can bring the butler into your prison cell. It is your responsibility to pick the heart pull in his direction- you will need that relationship soon.

Discern relationships. Discern Keys.

Remember video games. You will pick up some things you do not need now but just some levels away, what looked useles now will be useful.

Do not complain as God takes you through seasons- No step or prompt is ever wasted in God!

There is love in sharing

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