“You won’t believe what your daughter did”, Irewamiri said. I wondered what a three-month-old baby would have done that needed to be reported. They had both been out of town for about three nights.

She said, “The ladies attending to the babies at the meeting tried all they could to get Olive to stop crying. She did not stop until they began to pray in tongues. They were screaming when they saw me that my daughter is something else”. We laughed.

My wife told them, “That is what her Dad does for her at home. He wakes her up each morning praying in tongues”. We had a good laugh.

Friends, you would not know how important what you do in casual moments are until you get into tough moments. When you are under pressure, we will know what you have been feeding on.

You cannot vomit what you have not eaten. When Goliath comes screaming, it will reveal what you believe. Will you be a Saul that shrinks from battle or a David that runs into it? When stones hit you like Stephen, we will discover your conviction. When you are betrayed and falsely accused like Joseph, we will know what your persuasion is about forgiveness and honour.

If you use your moments of bliss to build up your carnality account, you cannot make any spiritual withdrawal in times of trouble. You can act it up for a start but you will soon know that you cannot fake it till you make it. Pressure will reveal your pretence.

You jump up each day to invest in career, academics and business with no recourse to the hunger pangs of your spirit, the day you need something from your spiritual hard drive, you will realise that there is no download. You were running on an empty tank.

Can you say like Paul in the midst of a storm, “Last night God’s angel stood at my side, an angel of this God I serve, saying to me, ‘Don’t give up, Paul. You’re going to stand…and everyone…with you is also going to make it.’ So, dear friends, take heart. I believe God will do exactly what he told me…” Acts 27:23‭-‬26 MSG

Your voice can only count on earth and in the day of trouble when you do not joke with your connection with God.

And just like Olive, every child would get into moments where only what you deposit in them will help them through a trying moment.
The influence of the parents on a child is huge. What are you depositing in your seed? That is the harvest you will reap.

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