As I drove home, I noticed some doctor friends of mine were in front of their quarters. I drove to the front of their house, switched off the ignition and went ahead to exchange pleasantries.

We all got to catch up. While at it, I heard “Eh, Eh”. I looked back and discovered that the car was moving by itself. It rolled backwards.

I ran towards it with an attempt to stop it but my doctor friends screamed that I should leave the back as the car continued its gleeful slide. It rammed into the fence of another neighbour and halted.

I took a look at the car and counted the damage done. I did not engage the arm brakes properly and I left the gear on ‘drive’.

When you live your life by default (with no particular sense of design, instructions and patterns), the end result is always damage.

Can you imagine if I give you your favourite car as a gift for your birthday but as you are rejoicing I say to you that, “This car is exactly how you want it and I know how much you love speed so I decided that the manufacturer should not put any brakes?”

Life must be lived on purpose and intentionally. Life without brakes and engaged gears is a disaster on 4 wheel drive. Do not live life on neutral! But much more, do not live life without brakes.

You must be intentional about spiritual growth (prayer, study, fellowship); personal development (training, mentoring, studying); financial planning (Savings, Spending and Investment); marriage (loving your spouse) and parenting (Mentoring your kids).

Do not live like someone without a plan. Do not live without self-control. Do not live on default. Live by design.

You are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God “prepared in advance” for you to do. (Eph.2:10)

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