“PLEASE, JUST TAKE ME HOME”   (A gentle reminder on marital honour)

“PLEASE, JUST TAKE ME HOME” (A gentle reminder on marital honour)

When I was done mumbling through my unprepared lines asking her to marry me. Without taking a look at me, she said, “Please, just take me back home”.

I had driven her out with the alibi of helping her to mark and record examination scripts but I actually was asking her out. I was not sure whether she was shocked or amused. Her face was straight.

Few months after, she told me that, “I wanted to insult you that day. I was annoyed that I had placed you as my pastor on such a high pedestal but you descended so low and asked me out”.

Then she added, “Everytime I thought about giving you a piece of my mind, something within me could not. I wanted to but I could not insult you. I now know it was the Holy Spirit”.

One of the important keys to a successful marriage is honour. Honour is celebrating the strength of your spouse without stumbling over their weakness.

Honour is keeping shut and talking calm even though your blood is at boiling point because you simply cannot shout on him or her.

Honour means saying “I am sorry” when you are right. You can air your position when the thick clouds are cleared.

Honour is fleeing all appearances of fornication or adultery because of what you share.

Honour is protection from 3rd party unkind opinions even when it costs you a lot.

Do not marry someone that you are always quick to insult. Do not marry someone you cannot “fear” in the best sense of it. Do not marry someone whose weaknesses are the butts of your joke.

If you honour her, you will not spend all the time with friends amd simply come home for sex. She deserves to be listened to, cuddled, loved and played with and helped too. You married a wife- your mind must be with her at all times (Stop viewing all manners of shapes and sizes).

If you honour him, you would not have exposed all his weakness to your gist committee and then smile “innocently” when you see him.

In marriage, honour is a must. Marriage is honourable so the spouses must be also.

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