We stopped at an eatery to buy some snacks. After payment, the receipt was given to us. I handed it over to the sales person who would give us our order.

When she collected the receipt, she tore it and handed it over to us and then gave us the snacks we ordered.

Then I said to her pranking her, “Ah! You tore our receipt”. We both had a good laugh.

She tore the receipt then gave us what we ordered. The torn receipt was the proof that our order was already delivered.

I smiled and looked at the person we went together and said to him:

“That is exactly how the body of Jesus was torn apart. He was bruised and then we received healing. He was bruised for our iniquity. He was chastised and we enjoy peace today”

And that is true. The goodness of God was delivered unto you. The blessings that accompany salvation has been delivered to you.

The wounds on the hands of Jesus are still right there in Heaven as proof that your bills have been paid.

What do you then do?

Take your healing.
Take back your peace.
Now you have life.
You are free from guilt.
You are delivered from condemnation

The devil lied when he told you that “You are not worth it”. Lies!

You are priceless! The death of Christ is the proof.

The devil lied when he told you that you should kill yourself and nothing is worth it. He lied.

Wait a minute. If you were the only one on earth, Christ would still have died for you. In fact, the price he paid was an overpayment.

Now say with me: My salvation is paid for. I have life and not death. My healing is settled. I have health and not sickness.

My peace is paid for. I have peace and not sorrow. My prosperity is paid for. I have abundance and not lack.

I enjoy favour. I enjoy grace.

Glory to God.


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