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We were at the breakfast table with my spiritual father. Just right after the meal, my wife made an attempt to clear the table while the conversation was still ongoing. Our dear mother looked at her and instructed her, “Sit down and listen to what Baba has to say”. She then added, “Baba is quite difficult to see. When you see him, take all you can”.

Beloved, you must know the difference between the time to sit and listen and the time to serve. Service must not replace sitting time.

This was the error of Martha. Martha was actually doing what was right but she was at it at the wrong time. Jesus definitely loves the heart of service that Martha had but Jesus knew that it was better to sit down and listen at that particular time.

Just like my wife, there are times we feel it is polite to serve and we are not wrong but what if what God wants of us at that moment was to listen and learn?

There are things that are needful per time. May we be sensitive enough to know them. The one sitting at the feet of the Master knew the move to make when the crisis of life happened. Martha did not know how to get out of the way of the Master. She was used to doing it her way.

Beloved, in your Christian Walk, do not insist on serving when God is insisting on sitting and listening. Both carries weight in God’s sight but one is more essential.

Sitting with God makes you fit in the day of trouble. You keep hearing His reassuring words. Service to God can drain you if you do not have a habit of sitting with God.

There is a simple line hidden in the book of Esther: “They met with the king regularly and held the highest positions in the empire”
Esther 1:14 NLT

There is a link between meeting with the king and the level on influence we have in the kingdom. Don’t you think it is the same in God’s kingdom also?

Do you think God will commit service to the hands of those who are not faithful in sitting?

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