Some years back, I was in one of those meetings where you could already sense poor organization but you still sense divine leading to be a part of.

It was a tough week at home financially. I took a soft loan from my beautiful wife for fuelling. It was a long-distance trip and a vigil.

I sorted my own accommodation. After ministering that night, they gave me a big nylon containing milk, sugar and the likes.

Humanly, I had a deep sigh but spirit wise, I thank God for the opportunity to be a blessing. I gave some of the gifts to my hosts for taking care of us.

That morning, my wife called that our cooking gas had finished. All the other items, I gladly gave to some of my church folks who I knew needed some things.

After we had given all we can and we were left alone, my wife and I began to laugh. I travelled with a loan from her and gave out all I was given and there is a need right there. We laughed again.

Laughter demoralises the enemy. Laugh hard when life hits. When the enemy expects the normal, give him the abnormal. Was it not written in Job that we laugh at famine and destruction?

Friends, count it all JOY. You must carry a huge bag with you that you can throw all that comes your way into it. We do not see what is in the bag but we see JOY written all over you.

If your joy is tied to things, you will really stay frustrated for a long time. Our joy is found in God. He stands when all things shake. He loves when no one cares. He comes through when all walkout.

My joy is not tied to materials. It is tied to He who is eternal.

Rejoice and again I say Rejoice.

There is love in sharing

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