As I strolled around Daddy’s house that night, I spotted a number of roaches playing around a septic tank. Well! I stepped on a couple of big ones- about 8 of them. I left them right there.

In the morning as I was taking a prayer walk, I passed by the battleground where I killed the cockroaches and they were no where to be found.

I looked closer and noticed that there were two left. But there was an army of ants actively engaged in moving them.

Then the scripture came alive- “Go to the Ants, you sluggard”

Ants have no commander but they do big things. They take initiative. They do not wait to be told what to do before they do it.

A lot of people do not take initiative. If you keep overlooking things, you may be overlooking your greatness.

It reminds me of days I will see a single plate in the kitchen and I will say to myself, “Someone else will do it”. Well! It never goes away. The plates become much and I am forced to still work.

The demon affecting some people is oversleeping. You must take a portion in the early hour of the day to invest in your mental and spiritual growth.

Sleep is good. Oversleeping is not!

Ants do not go to vigil and then sleep at work while giving excuses. They work hard.

Ants would work- they move things bigger than them using the principles of networking, synergy, cooperation and unity.

You can only do so little on your own. Greatness build bridges. Smallness build fences. Greatness spreads. Smallness shrinks because it hoards.

There is no overnight success. Joseph did not have an overnight success- it was a summation of making the right decision, maintaining the right attitude and yes, the grace of God!

The Ants worked all night- they succeeded in moving the cockroaches.

I learnt from the ants. Do you?

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