Before we got married, a “prophet” insinuated that my fiancée would get pregnant before marriage. She did not have to think about it twice. She gave a response right on the spot that it is impossible and it will never happen. The “prophet” was shocked. It never happened.

Friends, the primary way that God speaks to us is through His Word. It is the most objective. Every other form is subjective. The Word of the Lord is perfect. Be rooted in the Word so that no one will use visions and prophecy to deceive you.

A lot of homes are in disarray now because some prophet told the husband or the wife that the source of their trouble is someone close to the family. Everyone becomes a suspect. Hatred is planted in the home. If the prophecy does not promote the fruit of the Spirit, discard it!

Second, the devil needs a handle to operate in the life of a man. For instance, a man with a strong value system (even though not born again) would be a difficult vessel for the devil to use. A man who has a value of “I can never beat a woman” cannot be tempted with such easily. The devil tempts with your desires and your weakness.

But a born again child of God who lacks a solid value system will be easily preyed on by the devil. Some things that you cry about do not need deliverance but discipline. The Spirit of God and a solid value system will tell you that it is not right for a man to lay hands on a female’s breast because you want to minister healing. Lust must have found a place in your life initially before you succumb to such devilish suggestion.

Friends, the so-called prophecy could have come to pass if we had a poor value system about sexual purity. We were clear on something: The will of God is our sanctification. We must run from sexual immorality. Even a hint of immorality must not be seen in our camp. That was enough to keep us sane.

The Word of the Lord must be hidden in your heart. Do not follow your heart if your heart is not following the Word of God. You can follow your heart as an internal guidance system if it has been programmed by the eternal guidance system.

The problem we have most times is that secondary sources like prophecy, visions, dreams among others are very exciting while the Word of God can be quite boring. However, it is in mastering the basics that you can find expression in the secondary. If you are not rooted in the basics, you will be easily deceived.

The spectacular will sway you from the significant truth of God’s Word. Choose to be rooted first in the Word. Do not run into error following the exciting when you should be rooted in that which is eternal. Prophecy will fade, tongues will cease but the Word of God is eternal. Love the Word first. Every other expressions are branches.

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