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I was commending Irewamiri for her ability to multitask especially in some of the seasons of hectic ministry schedules. Irewamiri can get a meal ready with amazing speed yet still has her hands and eyes on other things. She dazes me.

She then said to me that her teenage and young adult life prepared her for the season. She got used to managing and taking care of many people from some of the experiences of early years- especially hosting guests on Sunday afternoons! We had a good laugh.

The physical things and activities around us will be used to prepare us for divine assignments and commitments. If you are not faithful with the seen, you will not be faithful with the unseen.

Let’s see one scriptural instance:

David was to become the King of Israel according to divine plan but he had to be faithful with shepherding. God saw his faithfulness with shepherding and heaven concluded that he will lead God’s people the right way.

“God also chose his beloved one, David. He promoted him from caring for sheep and made him his prophetic servant. God prepared David and took this gentle shepherd-king and presented him before the people as the one who would love and care for them with integrity, a pure heart, and the anointing to lead Israel, his holy inheritance.”
Psalms 78:70‭-‬72 TPT

If you like, keep grumbling over assignments that you feel underrate “the anointing”, you will remain on the list of the “unusable” and “unsendable” when it comes to kingdom assignments.

Simple menial tasks can become the audition of great kingdom exploits. Take each season of your life with the seriousness of destiny consciousness.

If you are a student, be a diligent one.
If you are a worker, show commitment.
Everyone that Jesus called showed commitment to simple physical tasks.
Jesus did not call the lazy! Spirituality must not be a disguise for laziness and mediocrity.

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