I needed money.
I told God about it.
There was no way I would go to church empty-handed. At least, I should have an offering to give to the Lord. That was my heart cry.

During the day, I got a gift of 1000 naira (about 3 dollars). Just the moment my mind wanted to start feeling disappointed, I turned it to Thanksgiving. I gave God thanks. I honoured Him.

Later in the evening, I got another gift in multiple folds of a thousand naira- more than enough for what I desired.

Beloved, when God provided that one thousand, He was not saying to me that “I am the God that provides a thousand”. He was saying, “I am the Lord your provider”. If you can thank Him for the provision of a thousand, you will soon see the hundreds of thousand that you desire.

Yes! You have a crowd to feed but all you have is a boy’s lunch. What will Five loaves of bread and two fishes do? With murmuring and grumbling, it will do just what it will do- feed a little boy. But with Thanksgiving, it will feed thousands.

Beloved, we are in a season where you must be grateful for the little you see without losing the great desires you have in God.

Thanksgiving is a major key to multiplication. Look at how Jeremiah puts it:

“Thanksgivings will pour out of the windows; laughter will spill through the doors. Things will get better and better. Depression days are over. They’ll thrive, they’ll flourish”
Jeremiah 30:19 MSG

No matter how small it is, thank God for it. Let laughter fill your mouth. Do you know the outcome?

Things will get better and better. Glory to God!

Depression days are over. Glory to God!!

You will Thrive. Glory to God!!

You will Flourish. Glory to God!!!

Who is giving thanks already for that little?
Yes! Let it flow out of your Spirit to your lips. Yes!! Let God hear your heart of gratitude.
Yes!!! It is working out for your good.
Yes!!! God has made a way for you.

Glory to God.

There is love in sharing