While working late into the night, I noticed there was some biting sensation around my legs. I decided to take action incase it was mosquitoes.

I had a repellant cream. I did not want to go in to pick a new one but found an old tube somewhere close. I forced the tiny cream in it out and I applied it.

I just had a prompt to check the expiry date- alas! It had expired.

Everything changed! I was no longer comfortable. I threw the tube into a bin. I had to do a thorough wash off!

Friends, the day you realise that when Jesus said “It is finished”, He placed an expiry date on sin, sickness and all that comes along with it, your attitude towards it will change.

The death of Christ was the expiration of poverty. It was the expiry date of all curses. Now you are prosperous and blessed!

Stop treating sin, sickness, poverty or curses like royalty. They lost their relevance at the cross.

The Cross of Christ has Crossed them all out. You are not the barren anymore. You are the fruitful.

Everything before the Cross may have been a negative but after the Cross, the signs changed to a positive.

The troubles we face most times is rooted in the fact that we ignorantly maintain relationships with stuff that has expired.

You do not buy a product that will even expire next month when you go shopping let alone an expired product.

That situation will remain the same until you get disgusted about it. That guest has overstayed its welcome. Kick it out!

Kick out every trace of the curse.
You are blessed. You are prosperous. You are made whole.

Trust me- when you hold on to what has expired, it is toxic! Weeds torture the seed. Pull them out. Dont buy it.

Dont take it. Refuse any suggestion of it. It has expired.

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