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I have been speaking to teenagers for the past fourteen years. This year when invitations to speak to Teenagers began to come, I was wondering when I would outgrow speaking to teenagers. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of a real-life story:

An old preacher returned from a preaching engagement and his friend asked him how things went. The preacher said, “I won two and a half souls”. His friend responded that “That must be two adults and one child”. The preacher said, “No, two children and one old man”.

I repented instantly. I knew I had the wrong mindset. The lives of teenagers are priceless.

First, if you have been called to the work of ministry, never feel like speaking to teenagers is a lesser calling than speaking to adults. It may not look glamorous but you must know that it must never be viewed as a stepping stone to “greater heights” of speaking to adults. Kill that strange mindset quickly. Rejoice whenever you get to speak to the next generation. Do it passionately. You do not have a lesser assignment.

Second, you will not be rewarded for working in another man’s field. No one gets an award for running another man’s raise. Your work for God is an assignment. You cannot give yourself an assignment. It is a deployment, you cannot choose your place of assignment.

Focus on what God has committed to your hands. If He wants you in another field, you will hear the instructions of your commander. If you go simply because you are delighted and attracted by the glamour of what others are doing, men may give you accolades but God has no record of what you have done.

Paul had a charge for Archippus.

And say to Archippus, “Be sure to carry out the ministry the Lord gave you.” Colossians 4:17 NLT

What has the Lord given you? Do not feel less. Stay committed to it. The one who called is great so the work is great. Focus on the work. Deal with all limiting thoughts.

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