I had just returned from a trip. I was tired but I also wanted to spend time with the kids. we were all watching TV as some great music was being played.

At a point, Irewamiri and the girls began to dance while I reclined on the couch. Every time a song comes on board, Olive screams “Daddy, Stand Up!”

The toughest part is she would not stop until she sees me on my feet dancing and bending down.

It struck me at that moment that we all need people in our lives who are pushful enough and would not stop until they see us on our feet.

The friends of the man who had palsy were pushful friends. They carried their sick friend to Jesus. Do you have friends who have you on their prayer list? Do your friends even have a prayer list?

When there were barriers, they would not stop. They got the man to the roof. They broke through the roof and lowered him before Jesus. They did not stop till they got him on his feet.

Lord, bless me with friends who will not give up on me. Make me such a friend also. They came bearing their sick friend but they returned home with so much joy. I can imagine the gist as they went back to base.

We need friends who push us to the place of worship when we do not feel like it. You must have friends who point you to Holy Ghost and not to the bottle! They point you to the bride of Christ (the church) and not to the strange laps of another woman.

You need friends who would not let you slip in your grief into sin. Judah did not get that kind of friendship from Hirah the Addulamite. He ended up sleeping with Tamar his daughter-in-law.

If your friends allow you to indulge in things that can destroy, you do not have friends! You have fans. If you are in a company that only massage your ego, you need to change address.

Can I be your friend and scream your name and no matter what situation you are in, can I say to you, “Stand Up”

There is love in sharing

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