It was lunch time during the conference. I strolled in the company of another pastor into the dining hall. The tables were set but the meals were different. Whatever meal you choose determines the table where you will sit.

If you wanted rice, you will have to sit at a different table from your friend who wanted pounded yam. The choice of meal separated men- even the best of friends!

Beloved, at that point the Lord said to me, “Son, what you eat will determine the table where you will sit”. It sank in deep.

This is proven in scriptures right from the beginning: If Adam and Eve want to sit in fellowship with God they must not eat out of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Once they ate what was forbidden, man began to dine with things that were not convenient.

Daniel and his friends chose what they wanted to eat carefully. Those who were in a hurry to eat the king’s portion did not end up as well as Daniel and his friends.

In famine, Elijah was eating what the Lord supplied through the ravens and the widow of Zarephath while four hundred and fifty prophets were eating at the table of Jezebel. At the long run, it was proven that Elijah was different from all of them.

What you eat determines the table that you sit beloved. If you want to sit with fathers, you must eat what fathers eat. If you will be a champion, you must eat the food of champions called challenges. You cannot desire to sit at the table of excellence and you eat the meal of a mediocre.

When the mother of James and John, the sons of Zebedee requested from Jesus that her son’s should sit by his side in glory, the response of Jesus was quite instrtuctive. He asked if they were ready to drink out of his cup. What you eat determines where you sit.

If you are willing to pay the price, you will sit at the table. Do not sit at the table of average and envy those who eat the meal of the exceptional. Do not sit at the table of sleep and envy those who walk in the supernatural.

Beloved, what you desire to eat determines the table you will sit. Do the things you eat now fit your desire for the table that you want to sit? Think about it!

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