About Blog

I write because I love God and I love you.


Every day has a lesson hidden in it. We can only draw it out if we are patient enough to look closely!

Our pains can become a point of thanksgiving. Our smiles can become another’s push for another mile.

What do you gain visiting this blog? There should at least be a practical thought that can make your day productive.

The story should lift your spirit. The letters should come to life. You can spot where you are in the middle of a simple story. But more, you can spot who you will be at the end of a thought.

I simply want to be a part of your story-

See you smile when you would normally frown;

See you grow instead of standing on a spot;

See you choose what is right without a fear of what might go wrong;

See you pursue life with a cause just like Christ who died on the Cross;

See you read up God’s love letter to you as you beam with smiles each day;

See you love your dear ones and dare your limitations and obstacles;

See you run this race to end while taking each day with grace;

See you when time ceases to count and give you a high five that we finished the race with Joy!

I write because I love God and I love you.

Welcome to Temi’s Blog!