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Anuoluwapo Temiloluwa Ola Ministry

We are called to preach the message of redemption and not that of condemnation. To raise a generation of men passionate about God, God-given purpose and purity with a mission to change lives through the message of love, build lives through practical teaching of God’s word and help men realize their God-given potential through leadership training.


The school has really brought me enlightenment on God’s call. I used to think that the call of God is not for every believer but for a selected few who have been called into ministry gifts not knowing that God’s call is more than that. I learnt that the priority of God’s call is intimacy with Him. This is a great charge and a peculiar shift in me. I now understand the differences among the five fold ministry particularly the difference between a Pastor and a Teacher. This has really answered a long time question on my mind.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for SOM. It has seriously brought my spiritual life into a super speed maturity process. I cannot even fathom my life not having gone through the school and having the opportunity not only to receive such incredible in-depth teaching, but having so many new things to form opinions and ideas on and to question. The school has been such an amazing gift to have so many things presented to question and ponder with the Lord and grow. From regular life stuff to the most unreal spiritual stuff, and everything between – I feel stronger, wiser, and more amazing than ever before.