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After my morning prayers, this devotional is my next activity and I always share the image version of it on my WhatsApp status and it has been blessing lives. 

One of the days, I just felt like not sharing it, after some hours that morning, some persons on my contact list messaged me asking for the devotional of the day. In their words, it has been blessing them too. I felt so fulfilled that day and I also shared the group link to some of them.

Most times the devotional speaks directly to what I am going through personally and as a family with my wife. Sometimes I and my wife always end up our morning conversations with the message of the day from ATOM devotional.

May God continue to bless and enrich you and your wife and also grant you all your heart desires for the family and your ministry in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



Your messages have blessed me in no small way sir, I’m someone that has battled with unforgiveness/anger for a long time, although the Holyspirit to a good extent, has curbed me and cut out the excesses over time. I read a particular devotional where you addressed unforgiveness, saying the devil always come around those who have his package. I made a resolution from that instant, and it has become my favorite daily quote – ( offences will always come, but I choose not to be offended, I don’t keep the package of the devil). Since then, I let go of hurt easily.

Not just the forgiveness aspect, I have gotten encouragement countless times from the devotional, that sometimes I just keep scrolling through to re-read them. I also post on my WhatsApp status some times, and I get amazing replies from my viewers.

Thank you so much sir. You’re a blessing!



The content from the devotional goes beyond here, I share and post on my status as a way of spreading the gospel. I enjoy the relatable stories and it is very relevant to present days as well as historical and biblical, honestly holistic.

Thank you so much Sir!



I am Marie Laurel from cameroon. I love and appreciate the way God used you to speak especially to me everyday. It has been doing much good to me at all times and making my crooked  really straight.  More grace to you sir.



This devotional has really been a blessing. After my quiet time, the next thing I check out for on my phone, is the devotional. I have also been sharing and my sisters and a lot of my contact list are part of the devotional community.

Every devotional always comes with power and as though they are written to address every season in my walk with the Lord.

Thank you Pastor and Mummy for this impact. The Lord keep you and may His anointing over your life keep increasing. Amen!



Pastor Temiloluwa and everyone working with you, thank you for your consistency in delivering the word through this devotional. I came across your tweets and everytime I read, I would be encouraged. I am encouraged to also start sharing the image version of the devotionals with my contacts.



This devotional has been a great blessing to me and those around me. It is like my daily manna. Thank you for yielding to God, thank you, sir; for sharing your life experiences and how you react to them by the help of the holy Spirit to instruct us. More of God’s insight and grace.



Thank you for the wonderful devotionals that you do send to us every morning. Sincerely speaking, each devotional relates to my life in one way, and I am happy because I get answers from the devotionals and also directions. I thank God for bringing you my way. And I pray that God will continue to anoint you and your oil shall never run dry. God bless you and the ministry tremendously, sir. Thank you very much.