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Pastor Temiloluwa Ola

It is the 12th Volume of COMPASS DEVOTIONAL where we share a practical thought for a productive day. I have learnt a major lesson- Whatever is birthed by the Word is sustained by the Word.


This devotional did not start by the scheme of man or the wish of a man, it started by the Word of the Lord. And yes! We have seen the finger of the Lord. The testimonies abound from Christians and much more amazingly from Muslims who are ardent readers of COMPASS.


We have a growing community of readers globally of the different expressions of COMPASS- the Hard Copy you are holding called THE COMPASS, the
video devotionals on YouTube called MY COMPASS DAILY, the daily posts in graphics and the mini series called “PastorTemiSays”. All these expressions travel wider than we could phantom.


I want to say Thank You to everyone who has been a blessing – the team of designers, proof readers, editors, friends and partners. God bless you.

In the name of Jesus, the Lord will cause your seed to sprout; your voice will be heard in your generation. Do not forget that the devotional is a complement and not a substitute to the study of the Word of God.


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God bless you.

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Compass Devotional: August-October 2021

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