Some years back, I kept looking for the key to the car. I searched everywhere I could. I did not find the key. Then I decided to check the car itself. I discovered I had locked the key in the car. Fortunately, Dad had a spare. He gave it to me so I could retrieve the key but not without a warning to be more careful next time.

However, some days later I was looking for the key again. As Dad headed to work, I mentioned that I was looking for my key and I was sure I would find it. Well! I discovered I had locked it again in the car. Now, I knew where the spare key was. I picked up the spare key and returned it after retrieving the missing key.

Then my test came- the next morning, Dad asked, “Temi, where did you find your key yesterday”. My answer was evasive. “Dad, it was just lying somewhere”. He did not say a word but went on to work.

Then I lost my peace. As I settled at my desk in the ministry office. The Holy Spirit convicted me of lying because of the fear of being scolded. I picked up my phone and composed a text to Dad apologising for lying to him and telling him exactly what happened. My peace was restored.

Spiritual growth will happen as you pass your tests. Every time you evade your tests, you will remain weak in character. If you do not repent, it will become easier to make sinful decisions. The strength of your character will get weakened by the day.

At the initial stage, your conscience will ring like an alarm clock but if you do not respond and repent, your conscience will snooze out on you while you carry on wrong-doing. You can do the wrong thing so often that it begins to seem right.

The Christian walk is a journey of “Fruitfulness”. You must produce godly fruits. It is proof of maturity in the faith. If all we see are strange fruits, we will have to doubt if indeed you are a believer.

If you are loaded with gifts but lack fruits, you will be gifted but lack godly character. We need a revival of fruits now. When the grace of God unto salvation appeared to all men, it began a training curriculum for men saved by grace to learn to say “No” to unrighteousness. If you claim to be saved but cannot say “No” to sin, you certainly have been missing in the class taught by grace (Titus 2:11,12)

I grew up seeing an art piece in our living room that says, “If you are accused of being a Christian, will there be enough evidence to prove it?” That statement stuck with me.

Can my colleagues testify that I am a Christian? What testimonies do my neighbours have? If my phone (my gallery, and my playlist) is called on to testify about my Christian virtue and character, what will their testimony be?

I know we are all work in progress. Kindly let us see the progress! Where is the proof?

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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