Temiloluwa Ola

When He packed His wig and gown as a lawyer that evening in October 2011, he knew that life was more than his certificate. His desire is simply to see a generation of passionate, purposeful and pure men arise.

He does this by leading The Nourishing Ground Ministry in Eruwa, Oyo State.

His simple daily encounters with His beloved wife that he fondly calls Irewamiri and his daughter, Danielle seems to make life lessons come alive and scriptural lessons stick.

His childhood fond memories can become a timeless lesson.

Temi believes that you cannot be deeply connected with The Creator and not be Creative.

Temi makes you smile but loves to also make you think. He does not just like looking at challenges, he loves seeing them solved.

He writes almost daily! He loves plantain without apology.

Temi believes that the finest revelation of God’s Word is not a deep teaching but a changed life.

He loves to build relationships. He believes that life is sweeter with friends.