I did not love a particular house chore while growing up, and it was worse on a Sunday afternoon. As a Pastor’s child, you would have people follow you home. So, it made me hate that house chore more- Washing Dishes!

You would help in the kitchen to get the meals ready, and when everyone settles down to one game or the other or finds that refreshing Sunday afternoon nap, you would hear something like “Temi, go and wash the plates”.

The first time I get called, I have a stereotyped response- “I will wash it when everyone is done”. But when everyone is done, and I see the hill of dishes with different leftovers poorly arranged, my heart sinks within me. I keep sneaking from it, wishing someone else will do it.

How did I defeat that overwhelming fear? I take it on immediately without waiting for others to finish. At times, I get to eat after I am done with all the dishes.

Beloved, matters that are not addressed as a molehill can eventually become intimidating mountains that you keep avoiding. Take on things when they are small.

Do you know the wisdom Solomon expressed? He said we should deal with the “little” foxes that destroy the vine.

Take us the foxes, The little foxes, That spoil the vines: For our vines have tender grapes.
Song of Solomon 2:15 KJV

When little things are ignored, they can evolve to become intimidating and overwhelming force that is harder to deal with.

Ignored simple warnings can become major disasters. Even the serpent that was not dealt with in the Garden of Eden (in Genesis) became a dragon at the end of the day (in Revelation).

See! Exceptional people have only learned the art of not ignoring the important simple tasks of life. They focus on it, and it impacts greater things.

One way the devil will cheat you in destiny is if you keep saying “I will do it later”. Men who became fainting Christians began with “I will pray later”. Men who fell off church attendance and stopped giving their spiritual growth attention began with “I will go next week”. For the devil, postponing it is enough seed for abandoning it. It becomes harder to turn back as the days go by.

What simple signs are you ignoring? Take on things when they are small. You would save yourself a lot of stress in the future.

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