In the second year of ministry, we were preparing for a meeting called Bold and Beautiful Conference. All hands were on deck the evening before the meeting.

When we were done in church, a beloved member who had a car decided to drop off those who lived some distance from the church. After they left, there were three of us left- A young man who lived beside the church, a young female student, and myself.

I told the young lady that I would drop her off at home. She lived not too far from church but I was concerned that it was too late for her to walk in the dark alone. The young man just told me “Good Night Pastor”.

The Holy Spirit stepped in, and wisdom hit my soul in a flash. He said, “Why don’t you go with the young man to drop off the lady? You can then drop the young man on your way home”. What a wisdom. I did exactly that.

Eruwa sleeps early. This was quite late into the night. The question is, ” Was she a bad girl?” No! “Was I a terrible boy?” (Put no confidence in the flesh, but honestly; no). The next question is the real issue: “Can the devil sow a seed in a 30-second drive?” Yes! If he succeeds, he will return for the harvest.

What seeds can he sow?

First, he can sow a seed of lustful thoughts in any of our hearts. The scriptures say that the devil left Jesus for an opportune time.

When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.
Luke 4:13 NIV

Never give the devil that opportunity. Do not give him a foothold. He will always go for more. By the way, the temptation of a Christian brother will likely be a Christian sister.

Second, he can sow a seed of a “bad name.” In such a small town, if you see a pastor dropping off a girl alone late in the night, the devil can take advantage of such a scenario. That is when you will know the difference between “Pastor” and “Paaaaaaasssstttorrr” with a sarcastic emphatic tone.

Do not let indiscretion destroy the assignment before it takes off. Passionate and sincere people have been caught in strange demonic traps.

Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Build principles that will safeguard your life and testimonies. When you look closely at men who have lasted for many years, you will see a lot of wisdom that has preserved them. Do not talk down on a man’s consecration when you do not know what is at stake. There are heights that a man should never fall from. May the enemy not use us as trophies! Amen.

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