She strolled to me in the living room and asked, “How do you love your fried plantain?” Unfortunately for me, I responded with, “the way __ fried it the last time”.

My wife’s face changed. My apology had to be processed. I explained and explained that I was not comparing!

Dear young husband, do not forget this rule- “Do not compare”.

Have you ever bought something before, and then you get back to the market, and you see something that looks better?

What’s the point? Intimacy will expose some of the weaknesses you did not see earlier. Some of her flaws may become obvious, just like you have yours also.

But when you see her flaws (which most times are untapped strengths), celebrate the beauty of intimacy and be grateful for access rather than brood over what is missing!

My dear teacher told me that the first rule of our honeymoon night is “Love what you see. Even if there are stretch marks. Love what you see”. That rule is a lifesaver.

I remember that day while I whined to God about my wife, and he said to me, “Whatever is wrong in her is your responsibility”.

You are the bridegroom. Get to work. Pray for her. Appreciate her. See her evolve. Say thank you for every single meal- even when it did not taste like your mother’s own- your taste buds will soon adjust, and you will not want any other meal.

All those “girls” you see at work, remember they are in their packaged state- that is the finished product! You did not know the processing.

You look down on your wife because you see the processing. She changes before you daily. She turns to you, and you both have a fellowship of mouth odour. You see her sweat.

Dear friend, do you know the irony? Some men see your wife outside also, and they are like, “Wow! See babe”.

When last did you scream like that when you saw her? When last did you run to the door to welcome her home, jumping like a baby, telling her she is priceless.

Let the accolades flow from the home. Don’t waste your praise on a packaged stranger. Give your best to a processed friend.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing