We returned from the clinic with quite a huge quantity of drugs. One thing I hated was drugs- just the scent of them will make me vomit. Drugs must be used in sweet drinks (even that is by force) or hidden inside yam flour (amala).

As we sat at the table that evening, it was time to use the evening dose. I kept looking at the drugs and shaking as I lifted them and dropped them. I repeated that action as mum encouraged me. Dad was simply watching.

After some time-wasting exercise (spitting the drugs), I noticed a fatherly slap landed on my face. No one told me to swallow the drugs again. Dad knew it was for my good! (I guess I got fine before using the drugs).

Listen, men who are meant to help you to fulfil destiny are not called to massage your ego and play the “nice” game.

Imagine how Peter felt when Jesus said, “Get thee behind me, devil”. Just imagine that was your Pastor or Spiritual Father or Mentor. Or “I chose the 12 of you and one of you is a devil” (Bombshell. We leave this wicked leader. Is that it?)

If you are flattered rather than fathered, you will burst as fast as you swell. If you love to hang just around those who massage your ego, your destiny is at stake.

Correction helps your destiny. If you have not been corrected for a while by the people you regard in your life, you may need to ask them for a review. This will help you confirm if they have not simply abandoned you to your patterns and decisions.

If you do not go through the comforting of the Rod and the Staff of the Shepherd, you will not get to sit at the table of delicacies that have been prepared before you!

Love Correction. Embrace Rebuke. The things that you need to be all God wants you to be could be “bitter pills”.

When next you have people who “slap you on the face” when you refuse to swallow the drugs that you need for health, say thank you! Do not walk away. You need such men!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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