I found it very hard telling her what the Lord said to me. I could not. What if she took advantage of it? But the next morning something happened- she needed some money.

God had said to me a day earlier, “Whenever your wife asks for anything, do not grumble. Give her more. Even when you do not have it yet, tell her ‘the Lord will do it”

I dipped my hands into my pocket and gave her all that I had on me which was enough to take care of what she needed and a little extra. In about an hour, I got a cash gift of what I gave her and a little more.

Dear young husband, do not try to scrutinize every need of your wife. Do not bring out the scissors of economics and slim-fit her request.

The request of your woman is a prophetic picture of the capacity that you have. She is not asking according to what you have, she is asking according to who you are. So even when what you have is not enough to cater for her needs at the moment, appreciate her and let her know that soon you will do more for her.

In the early days of marriage, there were things I could not afford but I fought hard to ensure that it does not show on my face. If you don’t have the money yet, make her laugh. Do not increase the temperature of your home with your silence. Talk with her. Let her know it is the season but it will get better.

Your silence has done more damage. You think you are in control but you have handed over the wheels to your emotions. Now, she cannot even talk to you freely about her needs. At times, she is not asking because she cannot buy it. She is asking because she delights in you.

Do you know what Apostle Peter said? He said you must dwell with your wife in understanding so your prayers are not hindered. Some things you desire that have not happened are directly linked to your poor treatment of your wife.

After you give her money for the home, give her something for herself. Insist that she does not spend it on the home but on herself. She will end up buying you a gift. It is not about the size of the money. For her, it is a delight that she is in your plan and your mind.

Some women have inflated the price of home needs because their husband has no plan for them. Then the husband does not trust the woman any longer. He slashes all her requests. (I am not defending bad behaviour)

Dear husband, stop frowning when it is time to talk about finance. Smile. When you get your monthly income, dedicate a portion to give to your Wife- she deserves it!

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