My dear teacher said, “When a person is moving, it is a seamless cooperation between the head and the body. That is a sign of good health. However, when the body begins to feel the weight of the head, there is already sickness in the system.”

When you have a headache, for instance, the head becomes heavier. The entire system becomes almost grounded until the ache is cured and normalcy is restored. 

Dear husband, once you have to prove that you are the head, there is a sickness in the marriage. Statements like, “Do you know I am the head of the family?” shows a serious state of breakdown. 

The head does not enforce submission from the body. The body submits to the head because the head plays a great role. 

If the parts of the head were to be the role of a man: 

Eyes: The man must cast a bold vision for the family. He must operate with foresight, hindsight, farsight and insight. He cannot be blind. He cannot be short-sighted. Some men are not respected because they lack vision.

Nose: The man ensures that there is a free flow of life in the home. The union keeps breathing because the man does his part. If the entire family becomes so quiet and cold because Daddy is back, something is not right. 

Ears: The man is attentive. He is the listener. He brings balance so the family system does not collapse. 

Mouth: When the body is in pains, the mouth talks. When anyone (including your family) acts in ways inappropriate to your wife, you must be the one to respond. She does not have to say a word. The mouth speaks when the body is in pain. If need be, you can ‘bite’ so such things do not happen again. 

Brain: You are the central processing unit. The coordinating centre. You are the distributor of codes, signals and instructions. You receive feedback and act on it very fast. 

Dear husband, the role of the man must be seamless. It must be seen yet not necessarily felt. 

I pray for you- You will see well! The breath in your home will not be choked. You have wisdom in utterance. You are excelling in coordination. 

Who has a great husband? Say thank you to Him today

Who is praying for a better husband? Still, say thank you for the little he does.

Who is praying for a great husband? Now you know an area to pray about! 

There is love in sharing

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