There was a Sunday afternoon that issues just began to brew. Irewamiri and I did not seem to find our sync and rhythm. She even strolled from the house for some hours. We would normally resolve all matters, no matter what, before going to bed. That night, I pranked her, but it solved the matter. I told her that our trainer and spiritual mum would call her in the morning. It worked. We resolved, but I told her it was a prank. 

A dear brother said he was having some issues with his wife. As it got a bit tougher, he spotted his wife dialling the number of their spiritual parents. Before the line rang at all, all matters were resolved. He simply told her, “Babe, it is not that serious that you have to call them.” 

If you have someone (maybe a pastor or trainer) who can hold you accountable, make sure you do not get angry when your misdemeanour is reported to the person. Some folks turn the heat on their spouse when they are reported for misbehaving. You are slipping into lust. Someone is pulling you away from sudden death. You are still getting angry. The demons on your case must be having a huge party. Wake up! 

It is dishonourable to say to your spouse, “I know you want to talk to our pastor about it, and I don’t care.” It is simply a lack of regard. It is pride. Pride wrecks lives. 

Let your spouse call you names, but if there is any issue that can wreck your family, please scream out. Your spouse’s personal decision can wreck your home. 

If he or she is stealing from work and you see him or her spending above what they earn, and they are also elusive with necessary explanations, do not keep quiet. An “Achan” disaster may be loading. It ate up that entire family. 

If your spouse suddenly has sudden “miracles,” please confirm if they are indeed miracles or if they are “Gehazi Leprosy” loading. Do not keep quiet. 

Do not keep quiet. Help comes when you ask for it. There is a time to cover the multitude of wrongs, but there is a time to expose a can of worms. You cannot sleep with a poisonous snake in your bedroom. Once it is a snake, you rarely wait to confirm if it is a friendly one. You do not keep quiet. You speak out to handle that creepy thing. Same here- do not keep quiet. 

Is he or she is financially reckless? Beware!

Does he or she have a concubine? No matter the manipulation. Do not keep quiet. One son of a concubine killed sixty-nine sons of Gideon born through his wives. Only one escaped.

Is he or she covering an evil? Do not keep quiet. It may be the beginning of the flow of blood in your home. Amnon may be prepping up to rape Tamar. Do not keep quiet. 

As a pastor, I have seen a situation that does not need to get messy become a cancer because a spouse was intimidated into silence. Refuse it. Scream! It will save your life. Do it for generations yet unborn. 

Hear this: And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.

 Ephesians 5:11-12 NKJV

Expose evil!

Don’t condone darkness!

©️ temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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