Some years ago, It was my cousin’s wedding. I was driving down from Iseyin to Ibadan that cool Saturday in October. I had an associate in ministry with me. Just a few kilometres from the wedding venue, I was pressed. I wanted to do the minor. 

I found a convenient spot in a bushy area. I parked the vehicle and proceeded to ease myself. As I did the minor, I sensed I wanted to fart. I was in a free area so why not give some great liberating sound?

I released the gas but alas, something uninvited followed the fart, I felt some dropping. Ah! What just happened? I was momentarily confused and concerned. I noticed the stain was not on my cloth but I still felt slightly messy. 

I pulled myself together. I sat carefully in the car. Luckily, the heat generated between the seat and my cloth brought some quick drying. I proceeded to the wedding with class. I could not afford to miss the jollof rice and all. We had a great feast. The mess did not stop me from attending the feast. 

Beloved, you are on a journey in life and destiny and there will be days and times when you will mess up big time. You will make unintended errors. There will be times when things will not add up. There will be moments when your calculation will be toppled by “life happens”. You will need to ask yourself, “Will I sit with my mess or will I move on with life?” 

You will have to make decisions like the four lepers did: 

Now there were four men with leprosy sitting at the entrance of the city gates. “Why should we sit here waiting to die?” they asked each other.  2 Kings 7:3 NLT

Do not go around looking like your mess. It was momentary. Do not turn it to a monument. If some people should open their mouths to tell you what they have been through, you will be shocked. People do not look like the storms they’ve encountered. Stop sitting with your mess. 

If you sit long enough with crumbs like Poor Lazarus did, you will soon attract dogs. Dogs eat crumbs that fall from the table. If you eat what they eat and sit where they sit, you will soon be competing in the mess with them. 

Shake yourself. Wake up from the pity dream. Purpose is calling you. Stop brooding over those who disappointed you. Stop brooding over the proposals that failed. Stop brooding over the losses. Sorrow shuts you down. You lose creativity. Inspiration stops flowing. Capacity drops. 

And this is the greatest joy- I made it to the wedding feast. In our Christian walk also, there will be days when you mess up, do not let sin topple you. Do not let self hinder you. There is the wedding feast of the Lamb of God. You need to make it there. 

You will meet the great company of witnesses there. They had their own share of falling but they did not sit in their mess: 

Father Abraham had his Hagar moment but he returned to the Lord to birth an Isaac. He had an address called “Abraham’s Bosom”. 

David had the Bathsheba Gate. He repented. His walk was restored. We now have “the sure mercies of David”, “the Key of David”, and even Jesus came as “the Son of David”. 

What mess are you sitting with? Where have you fallen? What has become a stumbling block? Acknowledge that you messed up but do not sit there. Stand up. Ask for a Clean up by the Word and the Spirit. We have a destiny to fulfil. We have the Supper of the Lamb to attend. 

I will be there. Will you be too?

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