My spiritual Father was sharing with us one day and asked us, “How many of you wake up some days at your usual prayer time and you do not feel like standing up from the bed?”

As we raised hands, he said “Hope you see my hands are the first to go up?” He then went ahead to charge us about a lifestyle sold out to consistent prayer. I know he wakes up by 3am daily for his prayer walk even on days that he comes in very late in the evening.

I saw this template on the scriptures also about Jesus (Mark 1:21-37)

Jesus day started with attending the Sabbath in the Synagogue where he taught the people and equally healed the sick. Right after service, he went to visit Peter’s home with James and John. He met his mother-in-law sick of fever and ministered healing.

In the evening after sunset, while he was still in Peter’s house, they brought many sick people to Jesus and he ministered to them.

Can you imagine when Jesus slept?

Let me talk to myself and not you- Jesus had a hectic day the previous day and he was still able to rise before dawn. Ah! Where are all my excuses? Lord I repent! The result of yesterday must not become an excuse for the devotion of today…. Lord help me!!!

They started bringing the sick after sunset (maybe from 7pm). What time did Jesus sleep? And He still woke up “Long before dawn” (Maybe 3am). Lord, I bow in repentance for the days I gave excuses.

And when he went to pray, he did not stay on the bed mumbling words. He was not even in a hurry to return home. He was still in the place of prayer at sunrise most likely.

The disciples had to go and look for him. It meant the disciples overslept. They probably have excuses of “tiredness” and concluded they deserved extra sleep.

They sought Jesus because people were looking for Jesus. The people woke up before the disciples maybe but Jesus woke up before the people. The problem you will solve must not wake up before you! Not at all.

What excuse do you have? Is it that we do not have time or we simply lack discipline?

Lord, I repent!

There is love in sharing

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