I had a bottle of freshly squeezed juice and Olive loved it after tasting it. She wanted to have more but the bottle was tightly shut. She began to struggle with the cover.

Everytime I reached out to her so I can uncover and help her, she holds tightly to the bottle and keeps crying. When I collect it with the intent to open it, she protests a bit a more. She did not know that help was available for her.

When she realised eventually that I was trying to open for her, she was full of joy.

When you got born-again, you came under the covering of God’s grace and divine help. Submission to Christ gives you the edge in life’s battle.

The Gibeonites came to surrender as a nation to Joshua and the Israelites. Five nation’s came to attack Gibeon because of what they had done.

Gibeon had mighty soldiers but guess what, they sent to Joshua that they were under siege and asked for help.

The men of Gibeon sent word to Joshua camped at Gilgal, “Don’t let us down now! Come up here quickly! Save us! Help us! All the Amorite kings who live up in the hills have ganged up on us.”
Joshua 10:6 MSG

The strong needs help too. Do not keep relying on your own strength when the help of God is available for you.

You cannot be struggling when help is available for you in His Word. Do not try to “run things” by yourself when you can run it first with God. He wants to show you what to do.

That son of the prophet lived and died and debtor because he did not see or maximize the help that was available. Elisha had always been there.

You must understand that your relationship with God brings you advantage in crisis- be at peace. Put your mind at rest.

We struggle because we do not know how much God wants to help us. His hand of help is constantly stretched towards you but do you see it?

When you know the volume of help available for you, you stay at peace. Gibeonites knew that with Israel as their “covering”, nothing can defeat them.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous runs into it and they are saved.

You are helped of the Lord!

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