E-CAUTIONS: Of Tears, Emotions and The Wisdom of God

Some years back, I was visiting with someone I was just getting to know. That evening something happened. She got a call and I knew something was wrong. I picked from the tone of the call that it was a man-friend. Once she dropped the call, she said to me, “Pastor, it is because you are here o. I would have dropped this call and smashed this phone”. She burst into tears.

My caring and empathic side reached out to her as she burst into tears. I wanted to go to where she was sitting in tears and hold her. I ended up sitting where I was saying, “Sorry”. I did not move an inch.

Beloved, there are people who can testify that they ended up in fornication and adultery because they took on the “ministry of consolation”. What started with a hand of care ended on the bed of sin.

If you know the weight of your destiny, do not put yourself in situations that trap your soul in the grip of sexual sin. Flee all appearances of evil. Flee fornication. Do not start what you cannot finish. If you heap fire in your bosom, it will injure you. Fire burns.

Dear passionate brother or sister, be quick to point a convert who is the opposite sex to a local church that s(he) can be groomed. You do not need to start calling her at odd hours under the guise of “follow-up”. Now she comes to cook your meals. Be careful before she starts warming your bed.

Must you hug every sister under the guise of “she is my spiritual daughter”? Stop it! The calling of God upon your life requires consecration. Consecration keeps you honourable and dignified.

One of the capital assets of our Christian walk is trust. People must be able to say about you that ‘Indeed, this is a believer’.

Dear sister, you are the first to share church fliers at work but you find it convenient to sit on the laps of all the men at work because you are just being free. Stop it.

Paul said these words: Therefore, since we have these [great and wonderful] promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, completing holiness [living a consecrated life—a life set apart for God’s purpose] in the fear of God.
2 Corinthians 7:1 AMP

May we stay in God’s path doing things that edify and not things that defile. Amen

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