An incidence happened in our first year in the University- a young man who seemed to be in love with another girl but could not face her to express his affection did something very strange. He walked into the fresher’s female hostel one evening and began to say, “I love ______” quite loudly. What a strategy.

Eventually when they had a grip on him, they discovered that he was drunk. He had gone to take alcohol to enhance his confidence. The story spread quite fast on campus.

Beloved, some assignments cannot be done with human strength. The calling of the Lord requires the Spirit of the Lord. The flesh cannot execute the task of the Spirit.

In the valley of dry bones when the Lord asked the prophet Ezekiel if those bones could live, even the prophet could only say “Lord, you are the one who knows”. It was a task beyond him.

The Lord told the Prophet to speak to the bones. He prophecied as he was commanded. From there, the Lord took over bringing bones to bones, flesh to flesh, and sinew to sinew! What a miracle.

Even when they all came together, there was still no breath in them. The Lord asked the prophet to speak to the wind. He did as commanded and there stood on their feet an exceeding great army.

Friends, when the assignment looks impossible, you dare not rely on the flesh. The flesh cannot accomplish it. Let the God of all flesh who makes impossibilities possible take over by His Spirit. You must then cooperate with the Lord.

Men struggle when they try to do by effort what was commenced by grace.

There was a time when Irewamiri and I were having so many disagreements. The more I spoke to her, the harder the matter became.  Eventually, I remembered the Holy Spirit and I asked for the help of God.

The Lord asked me a simple question, “Who gave her to you for marriage”. I said, “Lord, it is you”. He then asked, “So who should you speak to first when she seems to need attention?” I got the memo.

That’s even for matters as simple as marriage. What then happens when you have a call from the Lord? Jesus himself did not step out to do any assignment without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

His birth was by the Spirit. His commencement of the work was by the Spirit. His assignment was totally by the help of the Spirit. Even his resurrection had the Spirit involved.

Be humble. Since you have tried your head, your effort, your talents and gifts, your human connections, your degree, and your money, have you made the necessary headway? Go back to the Lord who gives grace to the humble. You will see mountains leveling up. You will see valleys being filled. You will see the crooked paths made straight. The glory of the Lord shall be revealed.

Let Grace help. Do not try to conclude by effort what was born by grace. You will get frustrated.

Get drunk in the Holy Spirit! Lean totally on Him.

©️ temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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