My late maternal grandfather was recuperating in Eruwa after a bout with ill-health. He had the culture of sitting on a reclining chair under the mango trees behind the house in the evening.

One evening, Grandpa stepped in for some few minutes. Before his return, a new occupant was on the chair- our neighbour’s little boy!

Grandpa said, “Samuel, This is my chair. Stand up so I can sit”. Samuel gave Grandpa a great reply, “It is my chair. I got here before you”.

Dear friend, anything that gives you a platform faster than it takes you through process will ruin you as fast as it makes you.

Privileges are abused when process is boycotted.

A lot of people covet and begin to ask for things that their capacity cannot carry or sustain yet. There are things a man can get that shut him out forever from greater things.

Some of the people that the public tagged very early in life with titles and accolades grew up to become unknown. If men aid you in boycotting the process of life, your impact has already been limited.

In the journey of life, you must appreciate seasons. There is a time of hiding. There is a time of learning. There is a time of manifestation. May you not misinterpreted seasons.

A lot of folks wish for what they are not prepared for. If you are not faithful in little, you will wreck greater opportunities.

You are the first organization you will manage. If you cannot do a proper job of managing your life (by first giving it to Christ), time and resources, you would not in anyway command the following of serious minded people.

By the way, I love what I saw in a friend’s note once. He wrote, “I have never suffered. I have only gone through process”.

Men who appreciate process rarely abuse privileges. Privileges are lost when process is disregarded.

Check history. Real greatness is obtained, sustained and retained by humility while in process.

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