In my days as a teenager, we had a woman in the church. She was quite elderly. Every time there was a call for those who would testify, she would always be in front. She could not express herself in English but would always begin every testimony with, “I give thanks to the living God who is not a dead god” (If you can, read it in the Yoruba language).

At a point, once it is her turn, people would begin to laugh. They knew what her first words would be. Over time, we would help her chorus her first line- “Modupe lowo Olorun alaye ti kiise olorun oku” (I give thanks to the living God who is not a dead god).

Anyone in church who wanted to say anything about her would refer to her as “Iya Olorun Alaye” (The woman that serves a living God). To date, I do not know her name. She has earned herself a different name because of how she testifies about the Lord.

Listen, beloved, let nothing steal your testimonies. Hold on to it. They are weapons of warfare on the day that storms of life hit. When your mind is bombarded with devilish suggestions about how unkind life is or when the devil wants to twist the story of what you are going through to make it look like God is unfaithful.

Remember, one tool for overcoming which works alongside the blood of the lamb is the words of our testimony. It is the time to dig out testimonies of God’s goodness. It is time to sing it as a song. Let nothing steal your testimonies.

Like David, when the giants of life begin to shout and threaten your life and all that is around you, drown his intimidating voice by recounting how the Lord helped you to kill the bear in the wilderness and the lion that harassed you.

Testimonies are strengtheners in the days of weakness. Testimonies will strengthen your feeble knees as you buckle them at the altar of prayer. Suddenly, your dry mouth will become a spring of life as you pour out adoration. God never abandons a soldier with testimonies.

As you run towards the giant, dip your hands into your bag of testimonies and pull one out of your pouch. Do not let it stay in your mind. Bring it out. Engage your mouth as the sling. Put that testimony in your mouth. As you begin releasing it on thanksgiving, you will see the exposed forehead of the giant, aim for it. When you are done, what is harassing you would be lying lifeless before you. You would realize how powerful your testimony is in this season of life.

If you ever close your mouth and begin to brood over your problems, demons will use your words as music while they enjoy the moment. The moment you switch, your words become the weapon of mass destruction of ingratitude, depression, and other devilish attacks. You stand up a victor. Why? You serve a living God.

You serve a living God; even the devil knows that is true.
You serve a living God.
Everybody knows that the King reigns!

Go and testify!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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