I wore a pair of shoes and remembered that someone gave me as a gift some years back. I sent the person a message of gratitude. His response was “It is time to get you another pair”.

Thanksgiving can always bring another one. Many times, we are in a hurry to rush into making requests with God while we skip the Thanksgiving part. Jesus did not show or teach us so.

In the multiplication of the five loaves and two fishes, Jesus began with thanksgiving. He gave thanks for what was available. At the tomb of Lazarus, he started with thanksgiving. It was a hopeless case but God turned it around.

Adonijah was plotting to become the king even though David was not yet dead. Bathsheba had a promise already from King David that her son, Solomon would be King after him.

Nathan the prophet was the one who gave the needed push for Bathsheba to go in to the King. Even though Bathsheba had a sure word from the King, the first thing that she did when she got to the King was not to throw the weight of the words around. No! She did something we should all learn to do. She worshipped.

“Bathsheba went to the king in his private room. The king was very old, and Abishag from Shunem was taking care of him. Bathsheba knelt and bowed down in front of the king. “What do you want?” the king asked.”
1 Kings 1:15‭-‬16 GW

Even though you have a Word from the Lord, go in first with a heart of thanksgiving. A bended knee in worship is very powerful. A mouth of thanksgiving is quite potent.

Those who know the protocol of thanksgiving do not stay stranded at the gates of the palace. The Psalmist knows this well:

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
Psalm 100:4 KJV

Every time there is gate, do not let its size harrass you. There is no one who knows how to wield the weapon of thanksgiving that the wars of life ever buried.

The prison walls fell. Paul and Silas stood above it. Leprosy and all its accomplices bowed when the leper returned with a loud voice of thanksgiving.

Put a song in your mouth. Let your heart bow in worship. Give God all the praise. Thanksgiving works.

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