My younger cousins wanted their mum to give them a new baby. They told their Dad what they wanted. Their Dad told them that he has to feed their Mum with enough “Eba” (that is thick Garri). My cousins began to give their father their “Eba” every time they eat and beg him to feed their mum well.

Innocence is a quality of babyhood. A baby is innocent. It would be strange to point to a baby and say, “She stole my bread yesterday”. Every believer must not lose that innocence. The devil has no hold on you. Shake off that sense of condemnation.

But ignorance is not innocence. The fact that you are innocent does not excuse you from growing in knowledge. Your innocence can be taken advantage of if there is no effort to grow in knowledge.

You must seek to know God through His Word. Knowledge is a prerequisite for strength and exploits. If you do not know God and His Words, the devil and circumstances will cheat you in broad daylight.

It takes growth to say, “We know the God we serve is able to save us and He will save us” and with faith say, “Even if he does not save us, we will not compromise”.

Whatever you have come to know about God cannot be a tool of intimidation by the devil anymore- If you know God provides, lack cannot harass you. If you know God heals, sickness cannot have a say. What do you know about God?

You must grow in your knowledge of the ways of God. What is the purpose and plan of God for your life? It takes growing to see the pit as a process, a sack letter from Potiphar Holdings as a plan of God, a time in prison as the hand of God, and a lifting to the palace as the purpose of God.

It takes growth not to seek vengeance. Do you know how strange the words “you meant it for evil but God turned it around for good” sounded to Joseph’s brothers?

Growth in God’s kingdom is not measured by how long you have been in church. You may be 40 years old in church and remain a “feeding-bottle hustling baby in the crèche” about spiritual matters.

If you leave the church because someone offended you, you are a baby! If you still cry and throw tantrums when corrected, you are a baby. If you run for pleasure but run from prayer, you are a baby.

If you spend hours watching movies but you cannot sit with the word, you are a baby. You wake up to beat traffic so you can make it to work but your Church service days are one for long hours of sleep, you are a baby.

You cry that no one has visited you but you do not attend small group meetings or visit anyone also, you are a baby! If you know the lyrics of songs but can rarely mention a complete verse of the Bible, you have work to do.

If you always want to be on your own and you become quiet on your spouse and friends, you turn moody at work and people walk on eggshells around you, you need to grow up! As a matter of fact, cut off that demonic atmosphere fast. It is not helpful.

Babies are innocent! Knowledge is essential for growth. You cannot be a master except you know the basics. Are you growing?

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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