We all sat at lunch. Then I discovered that plantain (my favourite) was missing on the table. As Irewamiri brought the plantain and I rejoiced, our guest said, “I am not taking plantain. I am hungry. If I eat just plantain, I would not be able to eat the rice well”.

I said to her, “That’s a lesson- our hunger must not push us to eat what we are not meant to eat”.

A lot of people have eaten what they are not meant to eat because they got desperately hungry. Hunger is not a justification to eat what you have not been given.

If she has not been handed over to you as your wife by God and the approval of the right authorities in her life, you have no right to sleep with her no matter how much you burn with passion. You are not married until you are married.

Even though Judah had lost his wife for a while and it is actually obvious from his action that he had been sexually deprived, he took the wrong choice of adultery. Worse still, he slept with his daughter-in-law without knowing.

When hunger sets in, raise the bar of self control.

A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.
Proverbs 25:28 NLT

The easiest man for the devil to bring down is the man who lacks self-control. If you will go far, you must work on your appetite- for food, for attention, for power, for sex and for money!

If appetite is controlled, the wheels of destiny cannot be easily derailed. The problem of man started with a lack of self-control. If the devil used it at first, he will still keep using it today. Bridle your appetite.

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