I was having an afternoon nap when that name dropped in my heart. I did not know the person but I became restless. I left the hostel and headed to the faculty.

I asked my first colleague that I met in the faculty that, “Do you know anyone by so and so name?” I was shocked when he said, “He just left me now”.

I told him to kindly tell the person that we should see before the day was over. We saw that night and he committed his life to following Christ- he was a brilliant chap from an elite background.

Friends, God will go the extra mile for a soul. Salvation of souls are paramount in divine agenda. It is the desire of God that men should be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

Your wealth cannot save you. Zacchaeus was a wealthy tax collector but when he encountered Jesus, salvation entered his home.

Good works cannot save you. Cornelius was religious. He gave to the poor but he was still unsaved. God would go the extra mile for a soul.

Jesus was never too tired where a soul was involved. He reached out to the Woman from Samaria in spite of cultural and gender bias. He crossed lines to save a dying soul.

Souls are important to God. You are important to God. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.

Salvation is a total package- it is redemption from darkness, deliverance from sin, freedom from sickness, divorce from smallness and access to God.

A man that is not saved is not safe. He is spiritually dead. And if such a man does not meet Jesus Christ and dies physically, he will end up dead eternally.

God has gone the extra mile by dying for your sin, would you go the extra mile by giving your life to God? A saved man is a safe man!

Are you saved?

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