It was about 3am when I woke up to study. I noticed some pool of water at a portion of the living room. I went straight to work while I prayed at the same time.

While cleaning up, I desired that my wife should walk in and see how amazing her husband is- mopping at 3am. She actually stepped out and I was prepared for “Oh Sweetie, well done”. Sadly, she did not step into the living room but went back to the room without seeing me at work.

At that moment, the power of the desire to be noticed struck me. There is a desire in man to be noticed and appreciated publicly for things they do. What is our motive when we work, give or serve? Is there a hidden desire to be seen and recognised?

One of the things that mentoring and discipleship will do to you is “circumcision of the tendency to court public attention”.

Jesus mentioned these words three times in Matthew 6- “Your Father who sees what is done in the secret will reward you” (4,6,18). The honest truth is that our flesh wants more.

A father in the faith shared a story once- His teacher sent for him while the former was hosting a huge conference. He said for about three days, the teacher would recognise and introduce everyone else except him. He kept calm and cool. At the end of three days,the teacher told him, “I only wanted to see how you would react. I have an assignment for you”. It was a huge test.

There is something about having the spotlight shining on you. But if you cannot kill the lion and the bear where there are no accolades, you will not get to scene where you will kill giants. And if you ever get to the stage, the desire for public attention that brought you there will be the undertaker of all you have ever been or desire to be.

Will you still serve even if there were no thank you?

Think of this scenario: You have been giving your best in service. Your boss has never shown a sense of appreciation but keeps giving you more work. What would you do?

Do you have an answer? Now read this statement of Jesus to disciples:

Jesus continued, “After a servant has finished his work in the field or with the livestock, he doesn’t immediately sit down to relax and eat. No, a true servant prepares the food for his master and makes sure his master is served his meal before he sits down to eat his own. Does the true servant expect to be thanked for doing what is required of him? So learn this lesson: After doing all that is commanded of you, simply say, ‘We are mere servants, undeserving of special praise, for we are just doing what is expected of us and fulfilling our duties.’ ”
Luke 17:7‭-‬10 TPT

Discipleship will cut away away desire for public attention!

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