IT IS NOT THAT HARD (Dealing with Emotional Attachments)

IT IS NOT THAT HARD (Dealing with Emotional Attachments)

I knew I had fallen in love with a friend of mine. We were already having conversations that showed our pursuit of trying to find common ground. We were at that stage of finding it difficult to say “bye” or “goodnight”. I knew her movement and she knew mine.

One night, I knew that this would not end up in marriage and even if it did, our paths were not exactly the same. We were travelling on two parallel lines. I said a prayer that night to God: “Lord, I know I need your help at this point, help me deal with these emotions”.

The Lord said to me, “Emotions grow in the direction of communication, reduce communication”. I did! That was the beginning of the end.

Your emotions only win when you choose to be emotional. You cannot win emotions with emotions. You can only win emotions by the Spirit.

Do you know what you do to emotions? You bring them to the obedience of Christ. You subject them to the leading of the Spirit. If emotions take the lead, the Spirit of God will take a seat. If the Spirit takes the lead, emotions will take a seat.

It begins with sincerity. Tell yourself the hard truth. It can be “This is not God’s will” or “This is sinful” or “This will cost me my destiny” or “I will compromise if I continue on this path”. Simple sincerity can save you complex explanations.

It continues with prayer. Prayer takes the wheel here. Prayer applies the brake on the car of emotion. Convert those thoughts to words from your heart to the Lord. Bring the emotions to the obedience of Christ.

This is the important part. Obey all that the Lord says to do. Do not rationalize. If you will be the first to call by 12 midnight on her birthday and the Spirit says not to, do not say it is no big deal. If you hide under buying things for friends to buy things for him or her. Stop that also. If he/she is the first you text in the morning and last to text or chat with at her, let devotions replace that.

Emotional attachment simply means there is an idol that is sitting where God is meant to be. Dethrone the strange god. Whoever seats on the throne of your heart determine the course of your life.

Hope this is helpful. It is not that hard if you will follow all the prompts of the Spirit. Since you have been disobeying, what have you gained?

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